Green Magazine is an inter-school, quarantine project to share ideas, passions and sustainability amongst our community. Built by the Student Voice Network with schools and young people from across the globe, this edition is filled with interviews, recipes, issue summaries and so much more!


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Thank you to everyone who contributed to Edition 1! 

We couldn't have done it without you!

Lucy Skelton | Aimee T | Vivienne Carey | Meera Datt | Bea James | Audrey Jacques | Robyn Dunn | Liana Baldwin | Alexandra McCurry | Emma Parfitt | Emily Skate | Joe Stacy | Ava Morison | Sarah Misitano | Xiaoyu Zhang | Sara Lay | Thiruavani Arunachalam-Elanthendral | Hannah Singh | Renee Arvanitakis | Lucinda op't Hoog | Gwyneth op't Hoog | Ana Graham Perez | Scarlett Tucker | Grace Illingworth | Xinchen Liu | Imi Swan | Sam Kintanar | Gayathri K | Rania Shahid | Clare P | Elina Katsikas | Romy O'Donoghue | Ruby Daw | Oluwaseyi Peace Moejoh | Zoë Elliott | Ruby Diep-Nicholson | Alexander Wood | Eamon Chanter | Hayley Charlton Howard | Anay Roberts | Andrew Vance | Paula Frances McIntosh | Elif Savas

If you really care about an issue then why wait for someone else to solve it?

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