Who can be an


To become an SVN member you must be interested in change and be between the ages of 12-25 years old.

That's it, simple!

   As an SVN Member, you will have access to all of our     resources: our advisory council, ideas from other schools     and most importantly other youth who care about the  same issues you do!  


Commitment is up to you however we'd love you to join our weekly virtual meeting every MONDAY @8:30pm and the following events

Are you an IB student looking for CAS hours? 

SVN has some great projects coming up that would be perfect for CAS hours of any commitment!


Whether you’re wanting to lead a project, help with one that’s already underway or just want to volunteer on the day - we need you!

Why become an SVN Student member?

1.    will have easy access to the resources of the Student Voice Network,

2.    have the opportunity to meet other like-minded caring youth from all across the world and


3.   the ability to make your voice heard when deciding, planning and running campaigns on the issues that are most important to you

Want to do more???

If you really care about an issue then why wait for someone else to solve it?

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